The Borderlands

Between Your World and Mine

within the borderlands
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I'll be the star you can only catch in the corner of your eye
I'll be the sound of laughter, in the first low flower of dawn

What actually happened here was that Taennyn listened to a Tania Opland song a few too many times (the song being titled, you guessed it, "Borderlands"), and a particular line jumped out, grabbed her by the throat and shook vigorously. It didn't hurt that she'd been up for thirty one hours at the time.

. . crossed here from the borderlands/between your world and mine . . .

Which seemed as good a description for Tae's musespace as any. It's all connections and links to other places.

This began life as a shared community; the second writer, rukami, is mostly offline these days. The badly spelled posts are from his interface.

Residents are irreverent, given to laughing at the Great Joke, and tend to post very sporadically.

Beware of the Jinn.

--dahnte, mod and public relations